This American Dad Is At The Grocery Store To Feed His Family, You’ll Be SHOCKED By What The Woman Behind Him Does When She Notices He’s Using Food Stamps.

Nearly 46 million US citizens rely on food stamps as a form of welfare . The food stamps are there to help those people who might have trouble putting food on their family’s table. It is an essential part of the economy that helps people who can’t find a job or who don’t make a decent income in their current role. We don’t think there is anything wrong with using food stamps when you need to – you’ll die if you can’t eat, right? But somehow there is always people who look down on those less fortunate than them.

So onto today’s video – When this American dad tried to pay for his groceries at Walmart, the woman behind him in the queue decided to become quite offended by the fact that he was using food stamps to pay for his food. After that we can see a terrible argument (with both of their kids watching) about the welfare system.

During the video clip below, you’ll see that the filming starts in the middle of the disagreement, so it’s hard to say who really started it. The woman in the background is saying something to the dad at the checkout about “getting off the system”.




It’s hard to hear what she says, but he says in reply “You know, I put in 50-60 hour weeks… trying to provide for my family.”

“You’re not providing for it, I am,” the woman replies. “The government is. They take it out of my check. Bullsh*t they don’t.”

After that there is a sad argument, where the woman accuses him of voting liberal (like that’s a bad thing??) , but only so he can get free food stamps. “That’s exactly what you vote for, they give it to you so that you vote that way. I’m not stupid. I have a degree. I’m pretty damn smart,” she tells him rather unconvincingly.

No matter what your opinion is on people using food stamps, we have to say that publically shaming someone is the worst thing ever, especially when they are just trying to do right by their family. You have to watch the full video below to see why we’re so passionate about this!



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