These Photos Taken From Space Show Earths True Beauty

1. Lake Carnegie, Western Australia
Lake Carnegie, Western Australia
2. Siberia
Snowy Siberia
3. Nabro Volcano
Nabro Volcano
4. Ocean Sand, Bahamas
Ocean Sand, Bahamas
5. Rainforest River, Brazil
Rainforest river, Brazil
6. The ‘Treasure Peninsula’ of Kazakhstan
The ‘treasure peninsula’ of Kazakhstan
7. Cultivated Landscape of The Autonomous Communities of Aragon (West) & Catalonia In North-Eastern Spain
Cultivated landscape of the autonomous communities of Aragon (west) and Catalonia in north-eastern Spain
8. The Palouse Region
The Palouse region
9. Pyramid Lake, Nev.
Pyramid Lake, Nev.
10. Minas Gerais, Brazil
Minas Gerais, Brazil
11. Fires In Cuba & Florida
Fires in Cuba and Florida (fires were marked here in red)
12. Southern Central Romania
Southern central Romania
13. The Imperial Valley In Southern California
The Imperial Valley in Southern California
14. Scandinavian Snows
Scandinavian snows
15. Namib Desert
Namib Desert
16. Mississippi River Delta
Mississippi River Delta
17. Libya’s Al Jawf Oasis
Libya’s Al Jawf oasis
18. Iceberg Alley, Labrador
Iceberg Alley, Labrador
19. Sand Seas Of The Namib Desert
Sand Seas of the Namib Desert
20. Ganges’ Dazzling Delta
Ganges’ dazzling delta
21. Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy
22. Algerian Sahara
Algerian Sahara
23. Durrat Al Bahrain
Durrat Al Bahrain
24. Agricultural Structure In Kansas
Agricultural structure in Kansas
25. Steam Plume From Gaua Volcano

Steam Plume from Gaua Volcano