Please remove your hat. The polite 1930’s versions of ‘Please turn your mobile off during the movie’. Yes, these are real!






I don’t even know how they pulled off some of these theatre advertisements back in the day without Photoshop!


1. Madam, how would you like to sit behind the hat you are wearing?

That’s one hell of a hat. How would you like it, madam?madam-how-would-you-like-to-sit-behind-the-hat-you-are-wearing


2. Gentlemen, kindly remove your hats. No smoking please.

Yeah, everyone used to smoke in those days – women, children, dogs and cats. But apparently the film they used in these ancient cinemas was HIGHLY flammable, and a single spark would have the whole operation up in flames. Had they even invented water yet to put out fires? Who knows.



3. Ladies kindly remove your hats. Look, I don’t know why she’s got an entire pot of spaghetti on her head either, or why there’s a midget climbing there.




4. Ladies AND Gentlemen kindly remove your hats. Is it just me or they getting a bit pissed off at this stage? All of you, just take your freaking hats off!




5. Please applaud with hands only – as opposed to….?

Maybe they liked to hoot and holler and stamp their feet back then.

please-applaud-with-hands-only6. Loud talking or whistling not allowed.

So some things haven’t changed since last century, huh? There’s always one person you want to choke to death.