No Snickers, THIS Is The Biggest Snickers Bar In The World

I didn’t realize I was competitive until I was clicking aimlessly on some website and somehow came across the Snickers “Slice N’ Share” candy bar on Amazon.

One of the main selling points is that it’s the “World’s Largest Snickers Bar” and the way they capitalized every word made me think that was a very important achievement. Has no one ever made a bigger Snickers Bar? Did fate make me land on this webpage? Does a higher power want me to out-Snickers Snickers?!

We couldn’t ignore the signs, so we dropped everything we were doing and got started working on what will now be known as the new “World’s Largest Snickers Bar”. In your face, Amazon & Snickers! Please don’t sue.

Step 1: Ask ourselves if this is the best use of our time.

Step 2: Ignore step 1 & purchase an (unofficial) mold.


Step 3: Take a guess & buy what we think is in a Snickers Bar.


Step 4: Melt ingredients together & add in some milk. Realize this is going to create a huge mess.


Step 5: Create our first layer. Yes, we know what it looks like.


Step 6: Mix more ingredients, add new layers & throw it in the freezer.


Step 7: Don’t do what we did and check it every 5 minutes. Or do. Whatever. Take it out when it’s done and it will look like this.


Step 8: Melt even more chocolate to increase the calorie count.


Step 9: Size DOES matter.


Step 10: Slice & realize that we did a pretty awesome job.


Step 11: Admire the REAL largest Snickers Bar.


Step 12: Collect our prize from Snickers. Wait, what?