No more long showers – this spiky shower forces you out!



Have you convinced yourself that your green energy and solar panels are enough justification for taking a 30 minute shower? Do you even have a water saving shower head that makes it feel like you get about 2 drops of water per second? Well you’re still not doing enough!

At least, that’s what the artist who created this, Elisabeth Buecher, thinks. It is called ‘My Shower is a Green Warrior’.

No, instead of an endless hot blissful shower, this thing will detect when you’ve been in the shower for 4 minutes and the spikes will inflate like some sort of Tomb Raider-esque trap!



Let’s hope this ISN’T coming to a store near you, as getting kicked out of the shower sounds more like torture than something you would pay for!

This was shown originally at the Milan Furniture Fair.