Fast Food Advertisements vs Reality – McDonalds Australia

Like many, I don’t buy fast food from McDonalds because it tastes or looks good, I buy it because I’m too lazy to cook. I see those advertisements on TV where they employ seductive voice actors describing each curve & crevice of their burgers that I get an instant craving & despite being too lazy to cook, I go out of my way to drive to their stores. Now when I get home & look at the burger, 9 times out of 10 it looks worse than a 6 day old microwaved cow pat. So I decided to take some photos to share with you guys.

Now a few things to note, these photos weren’t taken to rip into Maccas, they’re simply to show you how much effort is put into creating & photographing the perfect looking burger – companies such as McDonalds spend a lot of money on getting their burgers to NOT look like the ones I photographed. Also, the photos I took weren’t altered in any way. I took great care to put them from their packaging directly into our product shots – what they look like below is exactly how they were packaged.

1. Whilst this one looks alright, it only goes downhill from here.
2. Can you tell it’s one of their cheapest burgers?
Cheeseburger Finished
3. The most expensive burger I photographed. Oddly it’s advertised as “a little bit fancy”.
Chicken Bacon Deluxe
4. For $2, I guess you can’t complain. Or can you?
Chicken N Mayo
5. Delicious indeed…
Double Cheeseburger
6. Easily the worst put together burger I’ve ever seen.
Filet O Fish
7. Oddly it tastes a tiny bit better than it looks.
Quarter Pounder
8. I guess the buns look somewhat similar?

Bic Mac