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Rocket Burger & Fries – Melbourne CBD

I had been to Rocket Burger before on a few drunken nights out, but one hardly tends to remember the exact details of the food they shovel in at 5am in the shivering Melbourne weather while struggling to stay conscious and avoid getting run over by bad taxi drivers. Rocket Burger & Fries is situated

This Flying Selfie Drone Might Be The Next Big Thing!

A few weeks ago the fledgling startup tech company ‘IOT Group’ was trading at 3 cents on the Australian Stock Exchange. Now, it’s reached blistering heights of 18 cents (as of 10th May). A 6x increase in a short time is almost unheard of, so why is this company which has barely got a prototype for

This American Dad Is At The Grocery Store To Feed His Family, You’ll Be SHOCKED By What The Woman Behind Him Does When She Notices He’s Using Food Stamps.

Nearly 46 million US citizens rely on food stamps as a form of welfare . The food stamps are there to help those people who might have trouble putting food on their family’s table. It is an essential part of the economy that helps people who can’t find a job or who don’t make a decent income in their current role. We don’t think there is anything wrong

The best slip’n’slide ever!

Ok, this is probably one for the ladies due to the scantily clad guys in the video. But I guess us men can also appreciate how much fun it would be, especially after a few beers! This custom made slip’n’slide in the backyard was made using Airtrack mats. So it would probably cost about $10,000

Company lays off 1400 workers at once! Be careful who you vote for..

Here’s some shaky but real phone camera footage of Carrier Air Conditioner (United Technologies) having a staff meeting. The CEO is trying to keep things under control. It’s not your ordinary meeting. He is delivering the news that the business will be moving 1400 jobs to Mexico and all the American workers will be fired.