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He Voted Trump – So They Beat Him Up And Stole His Car!

So, Donald Trump has caused a huge divide in the USA. He won, fair and square though, right? Apparently not judging by the butthurt reactions of many Hillary supporters, protesting what exactly I don’t know. Don’t they realise that their right to vote is essentially the protest which has an impact? Anyway, in this video

[VIDEO]- Two Black Teen Girls Attack Old Man – Disgraceful!

Police arrested two teenage girls accused of attacking a 62-year-old man in front of his Syracuse, New York home. The man told police he was assaulted Wednesday afternoon after politely asking a group of teens sitting on his lawn to leave. Cellphone footage of the resulting confrontation, which has since gone viral on social media,

Man gets rescued after being stuck in a public toilet

This guy had a seriously shitty day. And yes, it’s very much real. I can’t stop laughing. Firefighters in Norway had to retrieve a man from inside a public toilet after he lowered himself in to recover a friend’s phone and became stuck in the tank underneath. This smelly character Cato Berntsen Larsen climbed feet-first into the loo after

See How This McDonalds Drive-Thru Prank Goes Wrong!

I’ve never been a big fan of these stupid youtube pranks. They’re never all that funny, in fact most are in downright ‘being a dick’ territory just because the bro-douche behind them can say ‘what, it’s just a prank bro’ as the recipient of the prank gets rightly outraged. In this one, the idiot driving thinks

This Flying Selfie Drone Might Be The Next Big Thing!

A few weeks ago the fledgling startup tech company ‘IOT Group’ was trading at 3 cents on the Australian Stock Exchange. Now, it’s reached blistering heights of 18 cents (as of 10th May). A 6x increase in a short time is almost unheard of, so why is this company which has barely got a prototype for