Beware! 17/26 Octal Street, Yatala, QLD, Australia is used for paypal scams / stolen goods!

A quick warning to eBay sellers!

I have been selling electronics on eBay and recently 2 separate accounts have ordered goods to 17/26 Octal Rd, Yatala, in QLD. The recipient names did not match the ebay account names.

I thought it was suspicious so I called paypal who told me it was safe to send the item!

Luckily I held off from sending it today, as just now the transaction was placed on hold so I almost lost $349 to some Russian hackers.


I did my research on this place – 17/26 Octal Rd or Octal Street. It seems to be either an abandoned warehouse:

Or ‘SOS Mail Solutions’ –

That would be a freight forwarding company with some really really bad reviews.

Either a shonky operation on it’s own, or one used by Russian scammers to steal items from ebay sellers using stolen paypal accounts. Brilliant!