54 Photos of Celebrities & Their Stunt Doubles

1. Andrew Garfield & his body double on the set of The Amazing Spiderman.
Andrew Garfield,
2. Angelina Jolie & her body double Eunice Huthart on the set of Salt.
Angelina Jolie & Eunice Huthart
Angelina Jolie
4. Mark Ruffalo & his body double Anthony Molinari.
Anthony Molinari, stunt double for Mark Ruffalo
5. Arnold Schwarzenegger with his Terminator stunt double.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
6. Brad Pitt & Rick English on the set of World War Z.
Brad Pitt & Rick English
7. Bruce Willis with multiple hairless doubles.
Bruce Willis
8. Cameron Diaz & double.
Cameron Diaz
9. The famous shot of Carrier Fisher & her stunt double Sandi Gross sun baking.
Carrie Fisher & Sandi Gross
10. Chandler Riggs (aka Coral) with his female stunt double.
Chandler Riggs with his stunt double
11. Charlize Theron with stuntwoman Alicia Vela Bailey.
Charlize Theron & Stuntwoman Alicia Vela-Bailey
12. Chris Hemsworth stunt double for Thor.
Chris Hemsworth Stunt Double
13. Christian Slater & stunt double.
Christian Slater
14. Daniel Craig with his stunt double on the James Bond set.
Daniel Craig & stunt double
15. Daniel Radcliffe & Robbie Coltrane’s stunt doubles.
Daniel Radcliffe, Robbie Coltrane & Stunt Doubles
16. Wait, The Rock doesn’t need a stunt double…
Dwayne Johnson
17. Hermione’s 3 stunt doubles.
Emma Watson & stunt doubles
18. Ewan McGregor’s stunt double for Star Wars.
Ewan McGregor
19. George Clooney’s stunt double.
George Clooney
20. Gerard Butler & his stunt double Ele Bardha on the set of Machine Gun Preacher.
Gerard Butler & Ele Bardha
21. Gerard Butler again with his stunt double for Gamer.
Gerard Butler
22. Harrison Ford with his double, Vic Armstrong.
Harrison Ford & Vic Armstrong
23. Isaac Hayes stunt double.
Isaac Hayes & stunt double
24. Jennifer Garner walking the red carpet with her stunt double.
Jennifer Garner
25. Jennifer Lopez with her stunt double on the set of her music video.
Jennifer Lopez
26. Johnny Depp’s double.
Johnny Depp
27. Joseph Gorden Levitt with his stunt double Victor Paguia.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Victor Paguia
28. Kate Beckinsale with her stunt double Alicia Vela Bailey (the same chick from #11)
Kate Beckinsale & Alicia Vela-Bailey
29. Kate Winslet on the set of Titanic with her double.
Kate Winslet & stunt double
30. Katherine Heigl & her older looking double.
Katherine Heigl
31. Stand ins for the Twilight peeps.
Kirsten Stewart’s Body Double Roberta Murga
32. Lucy Lawless & her stunt double Zoe Bell.
Lucy Lawless & Zoe Bell
33. Bilbo & his stunt double.
Martin Freeman
34. Megan Fox & her stunt double.
Megan Fox
35. Michael J Fox with his stunt double on the set of BTTF 2.
Michael J Fox
36. Natalie Portman with her ballerina stunt double Sarah Lane.
Natalie Portman & Stunt Double Ballerina Sarah Lane
37. Nicole Kidman with her stunt double Alicia Vela Bailey (yep, same chick).
Nicole Kidman & Alicia Vela-Bailey
38. Patrick Dempsey with his stunt double.
Patrick Dempsey
39. Will Arnett & Amy Poehler with their Blades of Glory stunt doubles.
Patrick Hancock, Tiffany Scott, Amy Poehler, & Will Arnett
40. Robert Pattinson with his Twilight stunt double Paul Darnell.
Robert Pattinson & Paul Darnell
41. Ron with his stunt double Anthony Knight.
Rupert Grint and Stunt Double Anthony Knight
42. Sam Winchester from Supernatural with his stunt double.
Sam Winchester
43. Sarah Michelle Gellar with her Buffy stunt double.
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Stunt Double
44. Scarlett Johansson with her stand in for a commercial.
Scarlett Johansson
45. Shia LaBeouf with his stunt double.
Shia LaBeouf
46. Sir Ian McKellen with his multiple doubles.
Sir Ian McKellen
47. Summer Glau with her stunt double.
Summer Glau
48. Taylor Lautner with his stunt double.
Taylor Lautner with his stunt double
49. Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz with their stunt doubles.
Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Kimberly Shannon Murphy, & Casey O’Neill
50. Tom Cruise & double.
Tom Cruise
51. Tom Hardy & his stuntman.
Tom Hardy & Stuntman
52. Tom Hardy with his stuntman for The Dark Knight Rises.
Tom Hardy
53. Uma Thurman with stuntwoman Zoe Bell.
Uma Thurman & Zoe Bell
54. New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel with her stunt double.

Zooey Deschanel



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