28 Reasons Why Some Product Designers Need To Resign Right Now! How Did These Get Approved??

28 Reasons Why Some Product Designers Need To Resign Right Now! How did any of these get approved?? Source


  1. First off we’ve got this masterpiece. A Disney princess crossed with pinnochio. Well, at least you can’t say Disney are promoting unreal beauty standards to impressionable young women with their jigsaw puzzles. Diversity in religion, maybe..


disney princess jigsaw with big nose


2. This looks like the lift from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. What the hell is going on? There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to this ridiculous lift panel. This sort of thing makes the Enigma look like a cakewalk.



3.  I’ll tell you one thing that’s certain. After I’ve clogged the toilet, I will only be using 1 end of this device. Please tell me the inventor of this toilet plunger/brush combo has been locked away in somewhere more secure than Alcatraz Island for their crimes against humanity??

combo toilet brush and plunger


4. I know when I’m out playing golf, the last thing I want is to be able to actually find the ball in the scrub. Lo and behold, a product has filled that niche! A camouflage golf ball!

Seriously, the only possible use this ball could have is if you want to secretly play some golf in the middle of a war zone.

camouflage golf ball


5. Brown Kids Are Wierd. Whoever did this knows exactly what they were doing.

brown kids are wierd


6. No comment needed here on these quality Black and Gold home brand bug and oil sprays. I bet someone has done it, with any luck they lived to tell the tale.


black and gold spray


7. This is what happens when you do your own bathroom renovation. I’m picturing hours of struggling with a multitude of power tools, finally standing back to admire the handiwork, and then – oh shi*, the door won’t shut. No problem, I’ll just crudely hack off a piece of the door and the wife won’t have any idea.

badly designed toilet door


8. Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be high on acid? Try walking down these stairs then and you’ll come close. Great carpet choice, said nobody ever! Responsible for 35% of broken necks since 2012!

badly designed stairs carpet


9. Ever wondered how to stop people loitering in the bathroom? Make it look like someone attempted to dispose of a feces covered corpse!

Someone actually must have paid money for this, that’s the sad part!



10. Apparently this is supposed to say ‘Animals And Us’. But it takes a LOT of squinting and careful analysis to even remotely get that from this sign. To be honest I’m a little bit creeped out that it made it to this stage without someone shaking their head and sending it back to the designers.

animals and us


11. White Rights. They could have at least used a different font for the authors name to pretend it wasn’t deliberate.

white rights book


12. Do drugs? OK, I will. I’m not too cool to do drugs any more.

too cool to do drugs


13. This table has to be sponsored by either the dustpan and broom industry or the hospital emergency department. In what planet can a table with a slope on the edge ever be a good idea?




14. Super Hitters. That’s what it says. *snickers*. Like everything else, this baseball super (s)hitters shirt looks like someone knew exactly what they were doing and are still cackling with laughter to this day.

super hitters shirt


15. Pretty self explanatory. Anyone who gives me a card like this at my wedding won’t be popular!

suicide wedding card


16. Premium front row seats – only $200 per ticket!stadium chair that wont fold down




17.  Does nobody think any more?


short tap in bath


18. Yo, my Rizza, holla back ya’ll! Or something. rizza cafe


19. Caption says it all. Possibly the most worthless and useless thing ever made by mankind, after Justin Bieber.

raised drain


20. The Poo Professor CD. There’s definitely a market for everything. The teacher is even sitting on the toilet!

poo professor



21. Nice toilet. Plenty of fresh air, and you can talk to the kids while squeezing one out.

Small question though, in what sort of hellish place is this sort of toilet legal or even remotely a good idea?

open toilet



22. No Safety? Smoking First? Light one up boys! To be honest, this is probably the least bad out of all the photos. Even a simpleton can figure out what it’s meant to mean.

no safety smoking first





23. This minion shampoo bottle is the stuff of nightmares. And someone probably got paid thousands to design it. How many kids are scarred for life?

minion strawberry scented shampoo bottle




24. Half way through creating this karate sign, someone must have simply given up on life, and walked away. So many unanswered questions. What does the T stand for?

karate sign




25. Deutschen Schoolen might be more appropriate here. My German isn’t great though.

german school







26. I’m just going to grab a nice Gin and Tonix, do you want one? Looks delicious.





27. Don’t Be Happy, Worry. Nice motto on this depressing Tshirt, if you’re depressed or suicidal (or want to be).

dont be happy worry shirt




28. I like to vote for senators who come from Mars. What’s wrong with that?


politician car

So all up, I hope this list made you feel a bit better. You’re surely not as bad at your job as any of the people involved with the career-ending disastrous product designs we’ve seen. They are all hopefully sitting in jail somewhere, thinking about their crimes against humanity.

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