14 Of The Most Amazing Photos Taken In Space By NASA. Wow!

1. Crab Nebula – This supernova remnant is all that remains of a huge stellar explosion. Observers in China and Japan recorded it nearly 1,000 years ago.
2. Ring Nebula – In this image visible light observations from the Hubble Telescope are combined with infrared data from ground based observatories. The nebula is about 2,000 light years from Earth and measures about 1 light year across.
3. Manned Maneuvering Unit – Mission Specialist Bruce McCandless, is seen further away from the ship than any previous astronaut has ever been. This was made possible by the Manned Manuevering Unit or MMU, a nitrogen jet propelled backpack.
4. Aurora On Saturn – Saturn’s equivalent of the northern and southern lights are strikingly bright and can persists for days on end.
5. A Coronal Mass Ejection on the Sun – Traveling at 900 miles per second this CME (coronal mass ejection) erupted into space and connected with Earth’s magnetosphere to cause an aurora.
6. The Black Marble – This composite of images shows Asia at night and was taken by the Suomi NPP satellite 512 miles above the surface of the Earth.
7. Stellar Genesis – The vibrant magentas and blues in this Hubble image of spiral galaxy M83 show that it is ablaze with star formation.
8. Supernova in the making – After lighting up the sky in the mid 1800s the binary star system Eta Carinae dimmed until it was totally invisible to the naked eye by the turn of the century. Today we know that the explosion was something just short of a supernova and indicates that in the near future a real supernova may take place.
9. Sun over the Earth – The sunrise is photographed from the Russian section of the International Space Station.
10. Carina Nebula – Reminiscent of the famous “Pillars of Creation” photo that the Hubble Telescope took in 1995, this image captures a small portion of one of the largest seen star birth regions int the galaxy.
11. The Blue Marble – Another picture of Earth taken by Suomi NPP this time the images are taken from light side of the Earth.
12. Celestial Fireworks – This composite image of visible light, radio, and x-rays shows the full shell of the supernova remnant from SN 1006
13. Aurora Over Whitehorse, Yukon – This is the aurora caused by the solar flare we saw earlier as seen over Whitehorse, Yukon.
14. Spacewalk – With his feet secured on a restraint on the space station remote manipulator system’s robotic arm or Canadarm2, NASA astronaut Mike Fossum (frame center) holds the Robotics Refueling Mission payload.