13 Boxers’ Faces Before And After They Step Into The Ring

1. Don Mounton, Super Middleweight
Don Mounton, Super Middleweight
2. Pavel Wolak, Middleweight
Pavel Wolak, Middleweight
3. Fabian Luque, Welterweight
Fabian Luque, Welterweight
4. Terrell Nelson, Heavyweight
Terrell Nelson, Heavyweight
5. Craig McEwan, Middleweight
Craig McEwan, Middleweight
6. Andy Lee, Middleweight
Andy Lee, Middleweight
7. Tarek Rached, Middleweight
Tarek Rached, Middleweight
8. Jesse Feliciano, Light Middleweight
Jesse Feliciano, Light Middleweight
9. Octavio Narvaez, Light Middleweight
Octavio Narvaez, Light Middleweight
10. Orlando Lora, Welterweight
Orlando Lora, Welterweight
11. Dimitry Kirilov, Super Flyweight
Dimitry Kirilov, Super Flyweight
12. Cecilio Santos, Super Featherweight

Cecilio Santos, Super Featherweight