10 Hilarious Dog-Shaming Crimes

Dogshaming is the trend (it also has a site) of publishing pictures of dogs that have been naughty and deserved to be publicly humiliated, by hanging signs that describe the crimes they’ve been found guilty of. The results are simply hilarious. You won’t believe what some dogs can do! Most commonly, they might feast on their owners’ food or break a few things. But they don’t stop there – you’ll have to see to believe!
Here is a list of ten of the most shocking crimes from these disobedient pets.


#10 – Bedazzled Pooper


“I ate sequins from the toddler’s art project. Now, my poop is bedazzled.” Now, the question is whether he looks ashamed or just annoyed that you can’t understand art. “Perhaps if Lady Gaga had done it, you would be clapping” might be what’s going through this creative dog’s mind.


#9– Kinky Canine

Well, this is pretty self-explanatory… Someone likes toes a bit too much…


#8– Kinkier Canine


This is self-explanatory as well – and it’s better to spare the details. Someone hasn’t been a good boy…



#7– We Don’t Need No Education



“Books? Why do you need them for? I can’t read and you love me, right? So I destroyed all your reading material so we can spend more time together doing fun stuff! Why are you looking at me this way? I did it for us! I love you!”


#6– That’s Woof-ist!
It’s 2014 but racism is still a big issue. Strangely, it’s even affecting our pets…even those with dark fur. And we thought dogs were colorblind! Snoop Dogg does not approve.


#5– Drama Queen
“I spontaneously drop to the floor and play dead even when no one has told me to because I am hoping for treats. I am very dramatic and very greedy.” Talk about being a manipulative bitch. This furry drama queen even poses for its mug shot. A total diva!


#4– Somebody Call an Exorcist!
Situation: the Priest comes over for dinner. All the family welcomes him. Except the dog… oh, no! Cute little Doug goes and bites him. Simply impious!


#3– Killer Duo
Have you read the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”? Apparently, they didn’t, and took the title literally. Shame on you!


#2 – Hannibal Licker
This ferocious dog viciously attacked a panda bear and ripped off his face –ala Hannibal Lecter. Just look at those eyes! Don’t they say pure evil? The punishment is what a despicable dog deserves: getting its head trapped inside the trophy. Scary.


#1 – Hedgehog for Supper.

Mom brings home a new pet: a cute little hedgehog. The dog decides to greet it… or rather: he tried to eat it – ending with a mouthful of quills, instead. But, as the saying goes, “revenge is a dish best served cold”. Now the new member of the family scares the canine and chases him around the house. The result: they both get publicly shamed. Bad boys!