HODLing crypto is why you aren’t a successful trader

Disclaimer: This article might come across as a bit condescending or ‘I told you so’. It’s not intended that way, but more frustration that people threw their money away without knowing what they were getting into.   Cryptocurrencies exploded into the mainstream in 2017 after

The perils of sharehouse life in Melbourne

There is a lot of debate going on about the state of housing and rentals in Australia lately. Anyone who didn’t grow up with parents rich enough to buy them a house, or who didn’t choose to live in their parents basement living off Maggi noodles

Man gets rescued after being stuck in a public toilet

This guy had a seriously shitty day. And yes, it’s very much real. I can’t stop laughing. Firefighters in Norway had to retrieve a man from inside a public toilet after he lowered himself in to recover a friend’s phone and became stuck in the tank underneath.

Rocket Burger & Fries – Melbourne CBD

I had been to Rocket Burger before on a few drunken nights out, but one hardly tends to remember the exact details of the food they shovel in at 5am in the shivering Melbourne weather while struggling to stay conscious and avoid getting run