The scary reality about bananas.

  Have you ever had banana flavoured sweets and asked ‘why doesn’t this actually taste like bananas’? Well it does,  just not the bananas we eat. There are thousands of varieties of bananas, but most of these are only found in Asian or African

It’s ok to hate ‘chuggers’.

I have the opinion that it’s ok to hate chuggers. What is a chugger you ask? It’s a cross between ‘charity’ and ‘mugger’ – one of those charity collectors in and around shopping centres.  They try to engage you with some witty, ‘hilarious’, thought

These 7 movies are FIFTEEN years old. Scary!

I was looking through movies deciding what to watch. What about Fight Club! Man, this movie was actually a fair while ago, wasn’t it. Wait – 1999? It’s 15 years old! That’s one way to suddenly feel really old. So I thought why not

10 Hilarious Dog-Shaming Crimes

Dogshaming is the trend (it also has a site) of publishing pictures of dogs that have been naughty and deserved to be publicly humiliated, by hanging signs that describe the crimes they’ve been found guilty of. The results are simply hilarious. You won’t believe